Our Inspiration:

DOGZAR was inspired by a tiny 5 pound Toy Rat Terrier named Rocco Jet (Jet because he was so fast!). We rescued little Rocco from a puppy mill and he was so small at 6 weeks old that he fit in the palm of our hands. It was easy to immediately fall in love with him. Rocco was very smart and confident! He had an inner strength unlike any dog we have ever known. His strength and amazing spirit made him an inspiration. Rocco was the single most important part of our lives for 12 years and his passing has been the single hardest thing we’ve ever had to experience. Rocco was our family, our baby, our companion, and our best friend. He brought us more joy than we ever thought imaginable and taught us about unconditional, never ending love. We will love and miss him forever.

Our Slogan:

As Rocco aged he started to acquire a heart problem and unfortunately he was diagnosed with congenital heart disease which required repeated, expensive visits to a veterinary cardiologist and daily medication. He also had medial patellar luxation (MPL) surgery on both of his back legs and spinal cord surgery to repair a herniated disc which required him to learn how to walk again. We found that routine acupuncture visits greatly reduced his stress, improved his joints and flexiblity, and helped eliminate any pain he had. People kept asking us why we would invest such huge amounts of money and rearrange our lives, all for a little dog. To us it wasn't an even a question, we just kept telling people, because "my dog is my family." Rocco wasn't just a dog, he was and will always be our family! This is where our slogan and company began.

Our Mission:

The DOGZAR brand was created in 2008 by two sisters and best friends. Our mission was to create a brand that embraces the unconditional LOVE that we have for our dogs. A bond which allows us to open our hearts, to give love, and to be loved in return.

-Jennifer and Andrea

Owners and Founders