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Dog Adoption. A Rescue Dog Will Rescue You!

Bruce Lee, Rocco Jet and Jax

So you have decided to add to your family and get a dog, Congratulations! You have just made a very smart and wonderful decision that is going to increase the length of your life and bring immeasurable joy into your heart. DOGZAR’s original founders, Bruce Lee, Rocco Jet and Jax, were all adopted through an adoption program that rescue’s dogs in need and finds them forever homes! We were so lucky[…]Read more

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Thank You for DOGS


Life brings us so many ups and downs.  Especially nowadays, with so many intelligent, hardworking people desperately searching for jobs, good people working day and night to save their homes, living with so much fear and stress from protecting yourself and your family from predators, or living everyday in the fear of the reality of this deadly pandemic.  It’s so extremely stressful and at these times, when you’re so in need[…]Read more