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Dog Adoption. A Rescue Dog Will Rescue You!

Bruce Lee, Rocco Jet and Jax

So you have decided to add to your family and get a dog, Congratulations! You have just made a very smart and wonderful decision that is going to increase the length of your life and bring immeasurable joy into your heart. DOGZAR’s original founders, Bruce Lee, Rocco Jet and Jax, were all adopted through an adoption program that rescue’s dogs in need and finds them forever homes! We were so lucky to have found our children through this process and recommend it completely!

Now your next decision will be where to find your new son or daughter. Whether you are looking for a specific breed or excited to find a dog with a unique background or you want to rescue a senior dog – a shelter is your answer.

Shelters and Rescues have every kind of dog imaginable, every size, shape and age. Some are puppies and some are adult, but all have one thing in common – they need a loving home. Take some time and go to your local shelter and ask a representative to answer your questions and provide you with a guided tour of the facility. You can have private time getting one-on-one time with your possible new dog. If you are looking for a certain size or breed, tell the shelter representative and they will find you exactly what you are looking for. Every shelter dog has a story about how they arrived at the shelter, find out your new dogs story. Shelter dogs have a unique and very special bond with their new owners. I know that they are very aware that they were rescued and because of that they acquire a champion spirit and have great pride and love for their new owners. DOGZAR recommends Petfinder, ASPCA and Adopt-a-Pet.

You must control the urge to purchase a puppy or buy supplies from ANY pet store or website that sells dogs. All of these dogs are the result of cruel and inhumane puppy mills and are suffering from disease, malnutrition and loneliness. Some die within days or weeks of purchase. By avoiding these pet stores and websites and supporting and donating to your local animal shelter and pet rescue you will be helping to end the existence of puppy mills.

A wonderful thing about getting your new dog from a shelter is that your dog will be healthy, spayed or neutered, up to date on all age appropriate vaccinations, inserted with a microchip and you only have to pay approximately $75 – $300! Because you paid so little for your new dog, now you can splurge on all the new dog items you must have . . . dog beds, blankets, toys, pee pee pads, dental cleaning supplies, harness and leash, organic dog food, flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention, dog health insurance, new camera, doggie car seat, doggie stroller . . . etc. Plus, the shelter will also provide you with instructional assistance in the form of either classes or videos that will help you with the training and first few months of owning your new dog.

To me there is only one place to find your future family member, your local animal shelter. The only negative, you must resist the urge to take home every dog.

DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!

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