Rocco Jet barking

Dogs and Fireworks

Does your dog look like the photos above during the 4th of July? With every little “pop”, “crackle” and “kaboom” is your dog freaking out? Barking, running around and trying to escape to somewhere safe? The 4th of July is extremely stressful for your dog, their hearing is 10 times more sensitive than ours. It[…]

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Chihuahuas in a stroller

Dogs love Strollers

I bought a stroller for little Rocco Jet 15 years ago, before they even had “dog strollers” available for dog owners to purchase.  I purchased strollers for human children and used them for Rocco.  I found the strollers made for infants work perfectly for little dogs because they are usually designed almost like a bassinet. […]

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Rocco eating an apple

Toxic Food and Plants

Your dog is like a little baby, constantly inspecting and studying every little thing and putting EVERYTHING in its mouth. They have no idea what they are doing could possibly make them terribly sick or even become fatal. It is up to you to monitor their little chompers and protect them from toxic food and[…]

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