Sisters - Andrea and Jennifer

Our Story

We are sisters and best friends that have been lucky enough to journey through this life together! We started DOGZAR® as a way of being able to work together, be artistic and creative together, all while being able to help dogs in need. Our dogs bring us complete unconditional LOVE, HAPPINESS and JOY. They allow us to be loved and to give love in return – unlike any other thing in this world.


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Andrea and Jennifer Smith, DOGZAR® founders

Andrea Smith
Andrea Smith, Co-founder

I graduated from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Communications, I was working for several builder / developers selling and managing preconstruction single family homes. I absolutely love working within construction and real estate and helping people build their dream homes. I have a strong understanding of customers’ expectations and needs.

Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith, Co-founder

I absolutely love working side-by-side with my sister and my best friend, Andrea. We really make such an AMAZING team. I’m a bit of a computer geek with my background being within Aviation and Aerospace (I’m a commercial pilot, certified flight instructor CFI, CFII, MEI and an aerospace engineer) and Real Estate and Construction. Andrea is a super smart social butterfly and her studies were within business and communications. We are a perfect balance for each other, where one is weak the other is strong and vice versa. I feel truly blessed. My son is Jaxie.

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee, Andrea’s son

Bruce Lee is a very loving corgi-huahua. Though his legs are tiny, Brucie loves to run super FAST! He seems to always have a smile on his face and has a heart of gold. Bruce Lee grew up on the water and absolutely loves the beach and boating. His favorite food is mango, and is willing to do just about anything for his cookies.

Jaxie, Jennifer’s son

Jax is a very special chihuahua. He is an exceptional dancer and loves to show off his moves. He is more of a cuddle puppy than anything and has a hard time deciding who will be the lucky individual to give him his massages. Jaxie’s favorite food is chicken, but he also loves beef. He also loves almost all fruits and veggies, especially mangos and green beans.

Rocco Jet

Inspired by Rocco Jet!

Our son, Rocco Jet, a tiny Toy Rat Terrier rescue, will forever be the love of our lives. Rocco filled everyone’s heart with love when they met him. He loved to run super fast and that’s how he earned his middle name, Jet. Some of his favorite pastimes were patrolling the dock searching for manatees, stingrays and fish, boating the intracoastal, ripping leaves apart with his teeth, playing fetch with his toy Bruiser and cuddling with his family. Rocco had a lot of health issues during his lifetime, which required him to have several surgeries, see several veterinary specialists and was required to be on constant medication to help with his all of his issues. No expense was too much and we were willing to do WHATEVER it took to get little Rocco Jet the help he needed to live a happy, healthy life. There were some people who couldn’t understand and questioned all of our efforts. Our response was always the same, “My Dog is My Family®“.