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Dogs love Strollers

Chihuahuas in a stroller

I bought a stroller for little Rocco Jet 15 years ago, before they even had “dog strollers” available for dog owners to purchase.  I purchased strollers for human children and used them for Rocco.  I found the strollers made for infants work perfectly for little dogs because they are usually designed almost like a bassinet.  This is a great design because it keeps your dog from falling out and usually has an enclosure attached.  Plus I felt that if it is safe for humans, it should be safe for Rocco.   Sure, in the beginning, people stared at us like we were complete freaks, but so what.  Rocco Jet was comfortable and safe and that’s all I cared about.   Plus, having a stroller, made it much easier for me to bring Rocco Jet with me everywhere.

Rocco Jet when he had Medial Patella Luxation (MPL) surgery.

I found that strollers are fantastic when it came to situations when Rocco Jet is feeling under the weather.  For instance, when he had surgery, it was impossible to hold him because of his bandages and I was horrified of hurting him from picking him up.  So, since he LOVED his stroller so much, I put him in it and rolled him all around my house during his recovery.  This was like a hospital bed on wheels.  He was able to be with me in the kitchen while I made dinner, the living room, bedroom – I could keep an eye on him 24/7 and I knew he was comfortable and happy during his recovery. I think I purchased just about every dog carrying bag on the market.  You know, those purses that you put your dog in and carry.  I purchased the one with a strap that you wear over your shoulder exactly like a purse, one that holds your dog in a sling that you wear around your body, one that is a backpack, and one one that is a frontpack.  You name it, I bought it and Rocco tried them all.  Unfortunately, dog carrying bags are a nightmare on you physically. They hurt you after about 5 minutes.  Even carrying little tiny 5 pound Rocco.  Those 5 pounds get VERY heavy believe it or not.  Strollers are great, they usually have a beverage holder for you AND your dogs, plus when you go shopping, there is storage to put your bags.

Today you can find strollers at every pet store, ranging in prices from $30 – $300 and up.  There is still the option to purchase a human child stroller too if you want.  There are so many colors and styles, you can pretty much get whatever you need or want.  Have your dog test drive one today!  I think you will see that it’s fun, easy and your dog will LOVE it!  Plus it will give you and your dog more quality time together!  What could be better than that?

DOGZAR® wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!

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