My Dog is My Family ®.

Our slogan "My Dog is My Family" was created because our dogs are not only our best friends and our companions, they are so much more. . . they are our babies, they are FAMILY. The powerful bond that you have with your dog allows you to open your heart to give love and to be loved in return. This love is so deep that it teaches you about life, love and loss and no matter how much time passes, your heart will forever be full because you will carry their love with you forever. We believe that dogs are precious gifts from Heaven put on this earth to educate and remind us about Faith and unconditional Love, they are a true glimpse of what God’s love must look like.

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DOGZAR also reigns supreme on everything ECO friendly, green, organic and all natural for your DOG. Our Dog Blog is Entertaining and informative and touching on all dog related topics . . . Love and Happiness, Health and Wellness, Training and Behavior, Travel Guides, ECO Friendly Business Spotlights, Product Reviews and Entertainment. From quirky to serious, everyday DOGZAR® provides you with new insightful perspectives on all things DOG.

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