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Is Your Dog a Healthy Weight?

Bruce Lee

Personally, in the past I found it extremely difficult to determine if my dog was the perfect weight, overweight or underweight. I don’t have the right scale at home to weigh my dogs, and even if I did, how do I know if their weight is healthy or not?

I recently went to my Veterinarian to get the yearly Rabies vaccination for Bruce Lee. She weighed Bruce Lee and did a physical examination before the vaccination. Bruce Lee is part Corgi and part Chihuahua, so his body is thick, long and low to the ground. I told the doctor that I was concerned with his weight because most people make a comment about his weight, saying things like, “Your dog is so cute and chubby”, “Beefy Brucie”, etc. The Veterinarian showed me how to do a test that would allow me to easily check my dogs weight without a scale, THE RIB TEST.

Simply touch gently around your dogs ribs, are you able to feel each rib completely, slightly or not at all?

  • If you cannot feel a rib – your dog is overweight
  • If you can slightly feel each rib – your dog is a healthy weight
  • If you can completely and easily feel each rib – your dog is underweight

It’s that easy! During our test, I realized Bruce Lee could stand to lose about a pound, so we are working everyday on walking a little more and eating a little less. Obesity can lead to diabetes, damage to joints, bones and ligaments, causing debilitating back pain and heart disease and high blood pressure.

This test works on humans too! Try THE RIB TEST on yourself; are you at a healthy weight?

DOGZAR wants to help keep your dog . . . SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY!

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